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Can you improve my running form?

Yes.  I incorporate speed and plyometric drills to improve running form and stride length/frequency.  I also assess each client's eficiency (heart rate, breathing and recovery time).  The result is less chance of injury and increased performance.


Can you prepare me for a race or competition?
Yes.  I have prepared individuals for major running events such as the Olympics and US National Championships.  I also have prepared groups and individuals for Tough Mudder, Urbanathlon and Spartan competitions.  I will develop interval training, strength and conditioning programs that enhance your running ability.  
I even can help you identify the best race or competition that suits you.


Can you help me obtain my ideal running weight?

Yes.  This, however, requires a strong commitment to a proper diet.  My plan will focus on helping you to determine when and what to eat.


How quickly will I see results?
If you follow the program, you will see  see results within 30 days.  The complete transformation normally takes about 6 months.


Can you help me to avoid running injuries?
Yes.  I will identify warning signals by observing your gait and running form.  Further, I will evaluate your flexibility, core stability and range of motion.
  Then corrections, as necessary, will be made to avoid injury.  I will even make sure your running shoes are appropriate and fit well. 


Can you develop a yearly running training program for me?
Yes.  I break down each running season (cross country, road, track, trail) into phases (base, speed, peaking) to achieve your goal on race day.


Can you help me run faster?
Yes.  Speed is one of my specialties!  With 22 years of college track and field coaching experience, I know many types of speed workouts (interval, tempo, fartlek) and have years of speed training under my belt.  I also continue to do speed drills myself as part of my own masters-level elite training and help other older athletes do the same.


Can you help me strengthen my core?
Yes.  Through years of personal training and strength & conditioning coaching for many sports other than running (tennis, swimming, soccer, lacrosse), I’ve developed an elite-level, core-strengthing program that incorporates TRX, Medball, battle ropes and resistance bands.


Can you prepare me for an obstacle race like Tough Mudder, Spartan and Men’s Health Urbanathlon?
Yes.  Such training has become on of my favorite niches and I’ve coached many large and small training groups specifically for those three major obstacle races.  I've had 5 clients (men and women) finish among the top 3 of their respective age groups. 


Will you run with me in training or pace me in a race?
Yes.  I run with many clients so they learn proper pacing.  With higher level runners, I push and teach them while running side by side.  Running together is both a teaching and bonding time together.


What are your rates?
Pricing various based upon your needs. I offer private, one-on-one personal training and small group sessions.  If you are are looking for a fitness club, you can join me for sessions at ClubSport in Pleasanton.  
contact me so we can discuss your needs.



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