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RENEfit offers customized training programs in 5 specialty areas, listed below.  Specific training and running programs are designed around an interview, goal setting, identification of strengths and weaknesses, gathering feedback throughout the program and adjustments as necessary to peak on the date of the event.  Success not only comes from training the body but also the mind, so plenty of fun is included along the way.



Elite Coaching & Personal Training for Runners


Work with both beginner and advanced runners. Specializing in goal setting, running form/efficiency & peaking for specific events.
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Snowshoe Running


As a winter activity, supplement running with the fast-growing sport of snowshoe racing.  Local, regional, US and world championships offer a new level of challenge for the runner.

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Tough Mudder, Spartan & Urbanathlon Obstacle Race Training

Also known as "Rugged Running" events, prepare groups or individuals for these mentally and physically challenging obstacle races. This training also works well for entry to certain professions (firefighter, police, security, military) and even adventure travel (mountain hiking).

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Core Strength & Injury Rehab


Examples include ployometic, speed and form running drills; TRX training paired with Dynomax MedBall; aqua jogging; and hands-on stretching with corrective flexibility.

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Youth Speed, Strength & Agility


Youth get a head start in their sport by gaining agility, speed and proper running form. Gradually increase endurance and core strength for the young athlete.

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