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LINKS to Running & Fitness Resources

RENEfit connects athletes via social media, sharing the latest information and products.  

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ClubSport Pleasanton

Located at 7090 Johnson Drive in Pleasanton, California.  Members can join Rene's teen peak performance class, high school tennis strength & conditioning class, obstacle race training groups or opt for individual sessions.


Strava lets you explore social fitness by connecting with fellow runners and sharing your runs.

This is a great tool for keeping track of my client’s daily training runs.

USA Track & Field Pacific Northwest

Stretches from the California-Oregon border on the north to San Luis Obispo, California, on the south and Reno, Nevada, on the east. Find rankings and race schedules.

USA Track & Field

USA Track & Field (USATF) is the National Governing Body for track & field, long-distance running and race walking in the United States. Includes national and international rankings and race schedules.

Asics Aggies Running Club

The club has a 35+ year tradition of assisting distance runners in their post-collegiate and masters level racing careers.  Rene is a member of this spirited, talented group.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association

This international organization offers resources for fitness professionals, including trainers and gym owners.  Annual conventions cover all the latest techniques and tips from experts in the industry.  Rene has attended 4 IDEA world fitness conventions. 

ACE Certified

The American Council on Exercise® is a nonprofit organization committed to enriching quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity. ACE further protects the public by setting certification and continuing education standards for fitness professionals.  Rene is an ACE-certified personal trainer.


TRX has an arsenal of powerful, body-weight training tools to help tighten your core, build lean muscle and boost metabolism.  Rene is TRX certified.

Running Warehouse

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, the selection of shoes and customer service are unparalleled.  Joe Rubio, the company's owner, is also a member of Asics Aggies Running Club.

SnuggBuds Headsets

SnuggBuds headsets are great for runners thanks to their durability and incredible surround-sound.  Rene is friends with the owners, and a promotional discount code is coming soon.

Teri Gentes

Teri has some of the best recipies that can fuel the healthy runner.

US Snowshoe Association

This association is the governing body and promotes recreational snowshoeing.  Find regional, national and international races posted here.



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